New series: The Comparison Trap

There’s a new 3-part message series available for Life Lessons groups: The Comparison Trap.

I’m excited to add The Comparison Tramp to the Life Lessons catalog because it’s such a natural fit for Life Lessons groups. We all deal with the problem of comparing ourselves to those around us, trying to figure out where we stand and if we make the cut. At least, I know I deal with it. When this series ran live at North Point, I missed part 1 with bronchitis. When I listened to the podcast of it a week later to catch up, I was on a treadmill at the gym. And at the very moment Andy talked about how we look to our right and to our left… I happened to be sneaking a glance at the treadmill to my left, comparing their speed to mine. I was caught in the trap!

If I deal with the comparison trap and you do too, chances are that we’re not alone. Those in your sphere of influence, regardless of where they stand spiritually, deal with the same issue—and your Life Lessons group may be their best opportunity to find out how to escape the comparison trap!

[Visit the series page for series description, MP3 downloads, video preview, and more.]

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