Mission and Vision

The Mission

The mission of Life Lessons Over Lunch is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating safe and relevant environments in the marketplace where participants are exposed to biblical principles and have the opportunity to consider issues of faith.

The Vision

Our vision for Life Lessons Over Lunch is to build a community of leaders. We want to equip them with a strategic and effective approach to bridge their faith with their work. Life Lessons leaders will create opportunities for those who are far from God to draw near to Him, and encourage Christians to develop a ministry mindset that will expand their influence.

The Group Wins

  1. Growth for the Leader – Launching a Life Lessons Over Lunch group is a spiritual growth catalyst for those involved in the group’s leadership—beyond just the message content. Creating a Life Lessons environment aligns them with God’s call for Christians to be the “salt and light” of their world.
  2. Life Change for Participants – Life Lessons environments are designed to deliver a relevant message that promotes life change through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.