Leader Essentials

Life Lessons Over Lunch is a unique environment with a proven track record of success; but that success doesn’t come by accident. Our leaders have faithfully created environments where people can connect with God, and this goes beyond choosing DVDs and ordering lunch. In addition to the logistical details of making a group work, here are three areas of focus that we believe are essential in leading Life Lessons Over Lunch:

  1. Leverage Your Influence – A critical piece of the Life Lessons initiative is the personal and exponential influence of the group’s leadership. Leaders will need to leverage relational equity and personal character to launch a group and then grow it through a nonthreatening, invest and invite approach. This approach, along with the message content, shapes organizational culture.
  2. Protect the Vision – The Life Lessons Over Lunch environment is designed to be a place where those who are disconnected from God and church can be exposed to biblical principles and consider issues of faith. For that to happen, it needs to remain a place where unchurched people feel comfortable “testing the waters.” Committed Christians are often attracted to the Life Lessons environment—and we hope they will be encouraged and challenged in their faith—but what seasoned Christians look for in a ministry environment is often contrary to what will draw in and engage seekers. It’s critically important that the needs and desires of the “religious” people do not define the environment, so that Life Lessons can remain effective in reaching the unchurched.
  3. Share the Vision – Leaders leave a legacy when they create a Life Lessons environment that can be sustained without them. Furthermore, leaders maximize their influence inside and outside their organization when they help develop coworkers who can lead in the future.