Guiding Principles

Life Lessons Over Lunch is an employee-driven volunteer group whose mission is to facilitate the spiritual growth of those employees who choose to participate. Along the way, we have developed some Guiding Principles that we hope will be characteristic of all Life Lessons groups. These principles help ensure that we accomplish our Mission and honor our commitment to the organizations who have taken a risk by giving approval for Life Lessons groups to meet within their walls. These Guiding Principles are:

  • Positive Focus: We do not disparage any other religion or spiritual belief.
  • Employee-Owned: Activities are conducted during non-company time (i.e., the lunch hour) at no incremental cost to the company.
  • Everyone Welcome: Groups are non-denominational and anyone can attend.
  • Self-Sustaining: Does not require funding by any church or religious organization; the company may cover minor incidental expenses (such as occasional photocopies).
  • Volunteer-Driven: Totally voluntary attendance; directed by volunteers; executed by volunteers.